Friday, June 17, 2011

ROTD! (I'm a nerd edition)

My first Ring of the Day!!

I love rings!!  I have quite a few and decided to share some of my favorites.

Today's ring is special.  In honor of the release of the Green Lantern I am wearing my Green Lantern ring.  My sweetie knows what a nerd I am and picked me up one from Floating World Comics in Portland last summer.  A few months later, I got the whole set of lantern rings from the Beaverton Things From Another World store.  (Thanks James!)

*I do have to note that the rings are HUGE!!  I wrapped masking tape around the the base of the ring until it fits comfortably.  The tape is only visible on the palm of my hand of the profile of my bigs deals.*

To coordinate with my Green Lantern ring, I am also wearing the green Mickey ring I ordered when we got back from our Disneyland honeymoon.  I bought a pink one at the park and loved it so much I had them send me the other 5 colors when I got home.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to see the Green Lantern this weekend with at least 2 of my boys (our youngest doesn't usually like to go to the theater, but will make exceptions for certain movies).

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