Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brand Spotlight: Avon

Hi girlies!!  I'm back today with another brand spotlight....this time on Avon.

The first group of colors I have for you is from Avon's Mirror Shine collection.  These were right up there among the first chrome polishes in my collection.  Super metallic - super duper shiny.

Avon Mirror Shine in Glisten, Luster, and Blast (left-right)

Close Up:  Blast, Glisten, and Luster - 2 coats each no topcoat

The second group of colors is from the Avon Nail Metallics collection.  These were purchased about the same time as the Mirror Shine....probably around 9 years ago.  The Mirror Shine polishes come with a special base coat.  I honestly don't know if there is anything really different about the base coat other than the fact that it dries kind of milky white on your nail.  

Avon Nail Metallics in Red Fire (w/ base coat) and Pink Chrome (w/ base coat)

Close up of Pink Chrome and Red Fire

After a bit of googling it appears that Avon still carries the Mirror Shine line (with updated bottle design); however, it appears that the Nail Metallics line is only available on auction sites, etc. 

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