Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Recent Hauls

Hey Girlies!

I've gotten a little backlogged with successful polish hunts recently, so I've decided to purge several at goes:

First a couple of dusties purchased from a salon in Cedar Hills Crossing:

China Glaze Pom Pom & China Glaze Cosmic

Both these shades are from China Glaze's Specialty of my favorite collections of all time!

The next 2 were purchased at Fred Meyer's.

LA Splash Baby Octopus

I love the pretty rainbows!!  Dancing prisms always remind me of Pollyanna!

My last Revlon scented polish!  Somehow I never got Pretty in Papaya, so I fixed that.  I have all the Revlon scented polishes so far with the exception of the beach and ocean scented ones....I love Strawberry Shortcake dolls and scented markers not the scented stickers of bizarre things!

From a different Fred Meyer's we have another LA Splash.

LA Splash Embellished

Absolutely breathtaking.  The swatch is droolworthy!

The next 2 are from Ulta:

Essence Irreplaceable & OPI DS Jewel

Both these polishes are incredibly hard to photograph.  Jewel is almost a wine color with an olive gold duochrome to it and Irreplaceable is a very light beige with subtle gold shimmer throughout.  

Another day at Ulta:

I picked up Essence Where Is The Party? 

a very pretty purple to teal to green multichrome

My first Glam Slam duo!  OPI Spark De Triomphe & OPI White Shatter

and Glam Slam duo #2 OPI Rally Pretty Pink and OPI Red Shatter

From Sally Beauty Supply:

Finger Paints Art You Wondering? & Finger Paints Purple Palette

From Target:

Sally Hansen In The Spotlight & Sally Hansen Snappy Sprinkles

From Fred Meyer's:

OPI Not Like the Movies & OPI Teenage Dream

OPI Last Friday Night & OPI The One That Got Away

Along with OPI black shatter, these colors make up the OPI Katy Perry collection

From Ulta:

OPI Skull and Glossbones & OPI Steady as She Roes

OPI Planks a Lot & OPI Sparrow Me the Drama

OPI Stranger Tides & OPI Mermaid's Tears

together with OPI Silver Shatter these colors make up the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection

Whew!!  That feel like a huge load off my mind!  More detailed reviews and swatches to come.


  1. Great haul! Very massive haul at that, but you got some amazing stuff!

  2. Nice haul.

    I see you got LA Splash at Freddy's but do the stores near you carry Essence? That's the only thing keeping me from never buying any beauty products from them again.
    I'm just a little annoyed with Freddy's and their schizo beauty dept. right now. ;)

  3. @yami - it was really more like a dozen smaller hauls rolled into one. I did bring home all the pirates collection in one trip, though.

    @mighty lambchop - There are several Freddy's near me. The 2 I go to most often carry Essence. Our Ulta's do as well. I usually browse the polish aisles if I am there for something else to look for goodies. I fell in love with Freddy's beauty for their selection of Sinful Colors which is kinda sparse lately...but they have been selling OPI for awhile now.