Friday, June 10, 2011

Icing Haul and Dusty Round-up

Happy Friday all!!  Did you hear Taps playing in the wind last night?  If so, it just may have been in memorial to all the lemmings who jumped to their deaths to bring you this amazing haul!!

After scoping out a few blogs, I decided I better not wait any longer on checking out Icing for their "Charlie Sheen" polishes.  I had to go to two different Icing stores to get all the ones I wanted, but I'm so glad I did!!  The 2nd Icing I went to was at the mall in Portland that I don't make it to as much (Lloyd Center....the first was at Washington Square) and I got to check out a salon for dusties while I was there....SCORE!!!  I was beaming with joy when I lugged my 2 sacks out of the mall.

First Icing:

They have a collection called NY Graffiti that appear to mimic OPI's Katy Perry collection.  Definitely not close enough to be a dupe.  I would say if you like the Katy Perry collection, you will like this one too.

The first two colors in the pack are Silver Spray Paint and Tag Me Pink

Midnight in Times Square & 4am Dance Party
Have I ever mentioned my extreme love of glitter?  Wow these are sooo pretty!!

Lastly we have NY Graffiti, a black shatter, crackle, or whatever you want to call it

A doppelganger of a previously vanquished lemming and a pretty glitter nail art polish (am I the only one who hates the super skinny brush?)  I couldn't find a name on the nail art glitter.

This duo has Magnetic Attraction and Force of Love (I will dedicate a post to this later, but trust me for now, Force of Love is merely a doppelganger for Across the Universe.  It looks close in the bottle, but not close enough to get ATU out of the picture!!)

Gimme Some Glitter and Glamorous

Born This Way and Frost Yourself

Starlight!!!  Soooo gorgeous.  In another post, I will compare Starlight to Nicole by OPI's Me + Blue

Bird of Paradise and Tiger's Blood (TB appears to be quite popular there were only 2 total bottles at the Icing stores I visited.)

Rock Star From Mars and Epic Winning.  I cannot tell you how beautiful Epic Winning is!  Soooo amazingly glittery and holo-filled goodness!  *drool*  Definitely a unicorn pee!!

After Icing, I was just looking for the restroom when I found a salon with dusties galore!

Kaleidoscope collection you will be mine!!  Sadly It's My Turn looks a little odd.  Some of the holo particles have congregated on the bottle and it doesn't apply super least not on my nail wheel swatch, but I know that silver cap and bottle design when I see it!  Let's Do It in 3D is to die for!!  Gorgeous charcoal holo.

China Glaze Sugar Plums and OPI DS Diamond

China Glaze Specialty Collection??  Don't mind if I do.  Bad Kitty and Dynasty.

China Glaze Meteor Shower and Electric Lilac

OPI Who Are You Wearing?, Have You Seen My Limo, My Private Jet, and Brand New Skates

Which one is your favorite from this haul?  What is the best dusty you have ever found?

Happy Hunting!!


  1. !!! I can't believe you found a salon that uses CG. I went to like 7 stores/salons while in DC the other day and yesterday I visited 6 salons around my apartment and not ONE had any CGs! Soo bummed. But what a great haul! Glad you went to Icing :)

  2. HOLY SCHNIKES that's a lot of awesome polish!! I have no idea where an Icing is around me but I will have to do some hunting too!!! MUST. HAVE. GLITTAHHHH

  3. ahhh I love who are you wearing I've been looking for a back up for ages, I guess I need to start going into salons that look very un frequented ....