Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Honeymoon / Disneyland Swag

Hey Girlies!!  I was going through pictures and came across some pictures I had taken of some of the goodies/souvenirs my sweetie and I brought back from our 11-year-Better-Late-than-Never-Disneyland-Honeymoon trip.  

Newish to Disneyland is a program called Art on Demand.  When you enter the park, there is a store on the right-hand side of Main Street plaza where you can view all sorts of Disney art on a kiosk computer and then order the art you want in the dimensions you want on either paper or canvas.  You can order it with or without a frame.  

There was a subsection with original Disney storybook illustrations.  This was my favorite subsection!!!  It was really hard to pick just one, but I picked out the scene depicting Alice's entry to the Mad Tea Party.

The finished picture arrived at my house a couple short weeks later.

And I got the perfect frame on sale at Sears!!  I am definitely getting more of these any time I go back to Disneyland!!  (I already know the one I want!!  It is from the 1965 Fantasyland book which contains many Disney stories.  My Grandmother and my mother had this book and the illustrations are part of very dear memories of mine...I can't find the specific picture that is in my head, but below is another example from the same story to show you the style of artwork.)

I <3 art!!  

I also love stuffed animals!  

Here are my Mama & Baby Yetis (from the Matterhorn).  They are unbelievably soft!!  I love that the Mama looks like a giant snowball with hands and feet!  These were actually ordered from the Disney Parks section of the Disney store website.  They used to carry them at the park, but don't anymore.

Sully and Bolt.  I love that Sully is round like my Mama Yeti!

Not completely round, though...he does have a tail.

Another store in Main Street Plaza has INCREDIBLE hand carved light up boxes depicting scenes from Disney films.  I really really wanted the one with Prince Philip leaning over to wake Sleeping Beauty, but they were out of those.  I got the 2nd best one....Alice at the Mad Tea Party!

This is the box unlit....the button to turn on the light is actually one of the leaves on the scrolling....pretty cool!

All lit up on my makeup table

Close up to see the incredible detail....hand carved!!!

One of the first things I started collecting in my life was keychains....I try to get keychains from places and fun things that I get to do.

Laser cut Tink, Rainbow Prism Mickey Heads, Laser cut Sleeping Beauty Castle

Universal Studios globe, Simpsons Ride, and Hello Kitty.

Super cute shirt from the Art of the Disney Princess (incredible book!...I will definitely have to do a post about this book)

Hurray!!  Tokidoki shirt from the new Marvel line!!  Beaverton Things From Another World never has them in girl styles or sizes (although James tells me they will custom order for you) so I picked one up from a comic shop in LA.

My crystal Jiminy home on my makeup tray

This last one we bought to bring back to my mom-in-law...she LOVES Beauty and the Beast.

This rose will never wilt!  


  1. Hehehe glad you guys finally got to take a trip :) I love Disney! The first time I went there wasn't until I was 20, though!

    Anywho--stoppin' by here to tell you that I tagged you for the Sunshine Award!

    Good job!

  2. I think I was 26 the first time I went. It was amazing! We really want to take the kids back to check out the new Star Tours, the new Ariel ride, and the new Cars land (the Cars one is under construction right now)