Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Revlon - Sweetly Seductive

Revlon Sweetly Seductive collection

Hiya Girlies!!  I am excited to share the latest Revlon scented collection with you today.  I have to say, personally I LOVE Revlon's scented polishes.  This is their 3rd scented collection and I think the best!  All of the polishes in this collection have "fizz" in their name and have amazing glass fleck sparkle.

Apple-tini Fizz & Colada Fizz

Apple-tini Fizz

Colada Fizz

2 coats base or top coat

Grape Fizz & Grapefruit Fizz

Grape Fizz

Grapefruit Fizz

Mint Fizz & Orange Fizz

Mint Fizz

Orange Fizz

Pineapple Fizz & Watermelon Fizz

Pineapple Fizz

Watermelon Fizz

Wow!!  My fingers are mush after typing Fizz so many times!

As you can see, these are on the sheer side, but definitely have a beautiful sparkle to them.  I am looking forward to layering them with my other Revlon scented polishes for super-awesome fruit salad nails!!  

Also, I have to mention, I was THRILLED to see watermelon in this collection.  I have now have scented polish to represent each fruit on my Konad fruit plate (M55)


  1. What is all the, "fizz" about? Would I buy a scented nail polish from Revlon, or anyone else, no but their colors are smashing good! Nice blog Love it. Ohm how long does the odor last?


    George :)

  2. Ooh, so pretty. The only scented polishes I've tried were the Nerds ones and they peeled off super-easily so back to the store they went, lol. These look great though and not like they're made for kids. I just might have to give them a try. :)

  3. George - I think the "fizz" is referring to the sparkle....All of the previous collections were cremes or frosts. I LOVE that I can have smelly nails like the old smelly markers! Thanks for the love!! The smell lasts about 3 days depending on how often you wash your hands....

    Kari - I love Revlon's smellies!! I am a little surprised no other "big" companies are copying them!

  4. I love your posts! I will have to save up and go get me some of these :)