Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Mani / Pedi

Hi girlies!  Yipes!  My list of to-do blog posts is in the double digits!  Work has been busy and on top of that I spent nearly every waking moment the past few weeks getting ready for our 4th of July BBQ and fireworks.

I am trying my best to get through my list as fast as possible....there is a lot of good stuff!!

I was so preoccupied with preparations that I didn't give much thought to what I wanted to do with my nails.  When I finally needed a break from cleaning, gardening, and cooking I decided on a fairly simply Red, White, and Blue combo with added glitter top coat in honor of the fireworks.

Here we have all the ingredients...all lined up in a row.  The base coat used was Seche Clear.  The top coat used was Seche Vite.

Picking my red was the easiest part!  Zoya's America was begging to part of this patriotic mani / pedi.  After 2 coats of America, I added 1 coat of Claire's red hex glitter, then I added 1 coat of Revlon Slipper.

The white was pretty easy too.  At the time I painted my nails for the holiday weekend, I only had 2 white polishes....and one is kinda thick and old.  So, Sinful Colors Snow Me White it is!!  After 2 coats of SMW, I added 1 coat of Claire's blue hex glitter, then 1 coat of Revlon Star.

Picking a blue shade was very hard for me.  I thought I had a fair amount of blues in my collection, but they all seemed to light or too dark...and none of them were the right creme to go with America and I picked the blue I liked best with the red and white and ended up with OPI DS Magic.  I have to admit I felt a little blasphemous for using Magic for the first time in a combo mani...and one that would be covered in glitter at that...  After 2 coats of OPI DS Magic, I used 1 coat of Sally Hanson In The Spotlight followed by 1 coat of Revlon Belle.

I did end up rather liking the result.  

I don't usually pick my polish to match my outfits as I usually keep my nail color for a week and don't like to be quite that matchy matchy, but I do try to avoid clashing when possible.  I picked out a marine themed outfit for the 5th that went quite well with the 4th of July nails.

I love this necklace!!  A gorgeous iridescent lavender shell with gold edges....I got it at Goodwill....SCORE!! It went nicely with my royal blue faux-suede tank.

I have a bazillion pairs of sandals, but these are definitely among my most favorite.  I bought them at Ether....the CUTEST little shoe boutique in the Pearl District of Portland.  

:)  My Felix Rey for Target bag always makes me smile!  It has gold leather braided handles with gold toggle hardware.  The bag itself is mostly wavy blue and cream canvas with 2 beautiful fish, each featuring metallic leather, jewel eyes, and large sequin scales.  I love this bag, but it is much too pretty for the beach!  I would be mortified if it got dirty!!


  1. I love your seahorse gladiator sandals! I love your mani with the multiple colors on every nail, LOL You even did your pedi to match your the colors you picked and love the two fishes silver and blue bag, LOL <3 So gorgeous you your style!


    Georgey :)

    1. Thanks Georgey!! you're making me blush!