Thursday, July 7, 2011

OPI Miss Universe!!!!

Okay, this should technically be the last post I am working on, but I am excited that I scored these before seeing a bazillion reviews!

I actually stopped by Ed Wyse to look for some Zoyas and was giddy to see the new Miss Universe collection!!  (They also had the fall touring collection....under a plastic was kinda cute to see it all locked up!)

There they are in all their beauty!

from left to right we have:  Congeniality is my Middle Name, Crown Me Already, It's MY Year, and Swimsuit...Nailed It!  2 coats base or top coat used for swatches...

CIMMN is a pretty berry shade....sort of a jelly consistency with a bit of subtle shimmer.  In my opinion, this is the weak link in the collection, but still pretty.

CMA is a really amazing mix of all sizes of silver glitters....VERY blingy!

Check out the mega glitter on CMA!

IMY is so shimmery it is almost blinding!  Gorgeous shade!  Very similar to Rally Pretty Pink but more purpley.

SNI is a teal-y electric blue with a foil-like finish.  Absolutely phenomenal blue!

Check out OPI's Miss Universe for yourself (in stores now or soon!)....which is your favorite?  Are you taking any of these babies home?

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