Friday, July 8, 2011

Butter London - No More Wait-y, Katie

Hi girlies!!  If you read my last post and are on your way to Ulta....STOP!  Check this out first.  The color is not an Ulta exclusive, but the 2 pack is....and the 2 pack is the only way right now to get your hands on it in stores!

For $15 dollars you can get your hands on a small bottle of powder scented polish remover and the Butter London polish named for Duchess Kate!!  This is the first Butter London I am keeping (I previously purchased Henley Regatta and then found a Finger Paint polish dupe with a much better formula!).

Heavenly!!  I can definitely say I do not have another polish anywhere near close to duping this one!  NMWK is a lovely lavender glitter suspended in a cloudy grey base.

2 base or top coat.

Exceedingly hard to photograph!!  Very unique!  I am in love with this polish and I am excited to have something to commemorate the marriage of William & Kate!

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  1. I love this one, too--it's great layered over purple or taupe as well as on its own.