Friday, July 8, 2011


I am soooo bad!!  I was honored by 3 great bloggers for 2 different awards and haven't posted them yet :(

Sorry!!  I definitely do appreciate the love and my steady trickle of new followers!!  Thanks for following; you make me smile!!

1) Thanks so much to Meghan from Pinupcherrymakeup and Sarah from Theclumsykiwi for passing this honor on to me!  Check them out!  Meghan and Sarah both have great blogs that I love to read!

2) 7 things about me:
  1.       I HATE haunted houses.  I love scary movies but I am sooooo not down with creepers jumping out at me.  
  2.       I am a late convert to the Harry Potter series (not interested at all till the 3rd movie came out); but that doesn't make me any less of a HP freak....I am going to bawl so much at the last movie it is ridiculous!
  3.        I used to have a VW convertible (a cabriolet) but it was cursed and now it's gone...I really miss it though!!
  4.        I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan aka the U.P. and moved to the Portland Oregon area right as my freshman year of high school was starting.
  5.         My pomeranian is named after an Ewok
  6.        Going to the Oregon Ballet Theater's Sleeping Beauty was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!
  7.        I waited for 45 minutes in 90+ degree heat to meet Rapunzel....she was a princess worth waiting for!!  
Please see the very bottom of the page for blogs I am honoring....

I was also awarded the Sunshine Award by Whitney at Elemental Styles....another amazing blog!  <3 it!!

About Me:

  1. Favorite Color - Periwinkle.....when I was younger it was "sea green" and then "iridescent"...LOL at kid Me
  2. Favorite Animal - POMERANIANS!!  
  3. Favorite Number - 4
  4. Perfume I'm Wearing Right Now - Katy Perry Purr and Victoria Secret Endless Love body splash (I always layer)
  5. Something you always wear that identifies you - My wedding ring :) I wanted a sapphire as the center stone for as long as I can remember....if it was good enough for Princess Diana, it was good enough for me!
  6. What's Your Passion - don't laugh...."Useless" Knowledge
  7. Getting or Giving Presents - I love Christmastime because you get to do both!!
  8. What was the last eyeshadow you used?  Wet N Wild Idol Eyes in Techno and Cover Girl Mink
  9. Favorite Day of the Week?  Saturday!  I get to enjoy the whole day off!!  
  10. Are your nails painted right now?  - Does it rain a lot in Oregon?  Of course my nails are painted!!  Currently they are painted with Milani High Speed Fast Dry in Violet Dash.

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