Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recent Manicures / Pedicures - Strawberry Creme Konad

I love to do my nails.  When my "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and It's All Small Stuff)" daily calendar suggested the importance of taking the time to do things just for you, I decided to make Sunday afternoons my weekly Me / Nail time.

I wanted to post pictures of a few of my most recent manicures / pedicures that while recent enough to have been photographed, they are not necessarily recent enough for me to be able to properly review.

I will, as always, provide details of what I used.

First up is my first Konad Manicure!  I was so excited to get the fruit wheel (plate M55), I decided my first manicure would be strawberry themed.  

For the base color I used Revlon's Sublime Strawberry from the Fruitful Temptations collections.  It is a pretty creamy pink that smells like strawberries when it dries.

After it had dried I stamped strawberries from Konad plate M55 using Konad special polish in White.

(Please excuse the blurriness...I am still playing with my camera and taking pictures of my own nails.)


  1. Those little strawberries are SO CUTE! I love fruit for nails, I don't know why but it always just looks so adorable. I love that this mani is scented too, so fitting! I don't have any scented polishes but I would love to find some.

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  3. Asami - I'm sure I can blame Strawberry Shortcake for my affinity for smelling berry delicious LOL!

    Revlon has released at least 2 scented lines; Fruitful Temptations and Scents of Summer. Some of the colors/scents are repeated among the two lines.

    I have my eye on some Jolly Rancher scented ones as well.