Monday, April 25, 2011

Ooo Piece of Candy - vol 1

I'd like to start this post off with a video that makes me laugh EVERY TIME!  It's a Baby Trap!!  Also known as Ooo, Piece of Candy!

In this, volume 1 of Ooo Piece of Candy, I will tell you about 2 of my favorite candies right now (I have a major sweet tooth)!

1)  Happy Easter, it's Sweet Tart Jelly Beans!!

These are my favorite jelly beans!!  They blow jelly bellys and even starburst jelly beans out of the water!!  So yummy and unique...and of course, the blue are the best!!  Unfortunately only available during the Easter season, so stock up until they figure out what a amazing product they have and start selling them year round.

(I even stockpiled a few bags last year and included them as part of my mini candy buffet at our vow renewal)

2) Rainbow Mentos

Thanks Renae for helping me find these!!  If you love Mentos, then you will love Rainbow Mentos....not only will you see what flavor is up next, there are lots of new flavors!!  The only classics are the orange and strawberry.

Watermelon, Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, Grape, Pineapple, and Strawberry

(the grape is my favorite....reminds me of Great Grandma Lundberg's homemade grape juice YUM!)

What is your favorite candy??


  1. Sweet tart jelly beans?? I did not know that such a thing existed! They sound yummy~

  2. Dark chocolate Reece's and Kit Kat's!!! Ahh!!! I love dark chocolate! And sour candies too!!! Melissa, I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award!! Check out my page for your blog's mention and keep it up! <3

  3. Thanks for the comment! Ah yes I have a lot. I got Mad Hatter when the collection came out, but it was because my friend found it at a salon and she told me about it, so I went to get it.