Friday, April 1, 2011

Konad Nail Fail

Gasp!!  Melissa here with a Konad Nail Fail!!

I was really excited to try my full nail designs and was a little too pumped by the success of my Galaxy Girl mani...

I didn't wait long enough for the white to dry before stamping over the top and didn't use a hard surface for stamping

Gross!!  This mani lasted about 3 minutes before it was removed.

I took pictures to show that Nail Fails happen to all of us!!


  1. Hehe, the same happened to me the other day. :D But we will be victorious soon!
    Nice idea though.

  2. Thanks Kayono! At least I got to see how my new green stamping polish looked!

  3. I like the color combo, at least! :D