Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spying on my Stash

Hiya Girlies!  I have a special request post for you today.  I have had several people ask me for a sneak peek inside my nail polish stash, which is currently creeping closer and closer to 1,450!  Due to the size of my stash I decided to give it a post of its own.

Right now my stash is "organized" in 3 wall-mounted racks, 2 spinning "counter" racks, a craft box, 2 make-up caddies, and several shoe boxes.  I am slowly but surely in the process of weeding out less-loved polishes to eventually make a blog sale / swap list.

Without further ado, The Stash:

Rack #1 Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI, Kleancolor, Nails Inc, more Kleancolor, Funky Fingers, NYX Girl, Gosh, Color Club, Deborah Lippmann, Chanel, and Clarins.

Rack #2:  more Nicole by OPI, Butter London, Hits, Glitter Gal, Layla, Barielle, Nubar, Girly Bits, more Color Club, Essie, and Zoya

Rack #3:  more Nicole by OPI, Nfu Oh, Wet N Wild (color icon, fantasy makers, and spoiled), more Zoya, Wet N Wild fast dry), and even more Zoya with 1 lonely Mac tucked in.

Now on to the spinning racks, which were a present from Santa.  Thanks Santa!!

Spinning Rack #1 side 1:  All OPI!  Serena Williams duos, Pirates of the Caribbean, Katy Perry, Miss Universe and more.

side 2:  more OPI including Suedes, Ulta exclusives, Nicki Minaj, and others

side 3:  Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque, and Muppets, and others

side 4:  Designer Series, Summer for Shore, and others

Spinning Rack #2.  This one was hard!  I started out filling it with China Glaze but there wasn't enough room for them all and I KNOW I'll be getting more China Glaze, so now it is a bit of a hodge podge.

Spinning Rack #2 side 1:  Milani, Piggy Polish, Sally Hansen Prisms, some Rimmel

side 3:  Finger Paints and Revlon

Side 3:  Revlon (scented, matte, various) and Beauty Treats

Side 4:  Revlon (glimmer gloss, just tinted, and duos) and Milani (holo, jewel fx, fast dry, and various)

<3 <3 <3 my highly prized Disney Princess Designer Collection!  I have another set on my makeup table that is unopened.

My craft box filled with Jordana, L.A. Girl, Diamond Cosmetics, and Love & Beauty.

Make-up Caddie #1:  Sally Hansen, Savina, and overflow

Make-up Caddie #2:  Maybelline, Pure Ice, and Ulta

Nail Polish Caddy:  L'Oreal and Golden Rose

They are normally stacked together on the shelf like so:

The rest of my polishes are currently in shoe boxes or other containers next to my shelf.  

Box 1:  Mary Kay, mini OPI, mini Essence, mini Ulta

Box 2:  Pixel, mini Borghese, Sally Girl, scented Crayola and candy minis

Box 3:  Orly and a few stragglers

Box 4:  China Glaze overflow and other overflow

Box 5:  CQ, LeChat, Hard Candy, Jessie's Girl, L.A. Splash, Maybelline, Pop, Cosmetic Arts, Studio M, Borghese, Avon, Bonne Bell, etc)

Box 6:  Sally Hansen

Box 7:  China Glaze OMG, Kaleidoscope, and Tronica)

Box 8:  China Glaze including Specialty collection

Box 9:  Sinful Colors and Nars

Box 10:  Hot Topic, Payless, and Sinful Colors

Box 11:  Blue Cross Beauty, Claire's and L.A. Color

Box 12:  China Glaze, Icing, Essence, and more Wet N Wild

Then finally is the weird stuff that is necessary but not as much fun to display...

Bases, Top coats, treatments, acetone based remover and toothbrushes (great for that hard-to-remove glitter)

Konad special stamping polishes and jewels

Nail strips

Files and buffers / metal files and cuticle tools / stripers

and last, but not least, my tin of stamps, plates, and scrapers.



  1. Wow! That is one awesome collection!
    I also have the Disney collection one, it is so cute <3

    1. Thanks Nancy! I wish I had the room and the racks to display them all.

      I'm glad you were able to pick up the Disney collection I love them all!

  2. *faints* It's like a nail salon/shop.

  3. Wonderful! I love stash posts! I don't think I've ever seen the Disney princess ones before--nice!

    1. I'm so glad I picked up the Disney collection before they closed my local Disney store and before they sold I have to drive 30 minutes out of town to get my Disney fix.

  4. and i thought i had a lot of polish